Your Basic Curse Words

swear word ass
swear word bastard
swear word bitch
swear word bollocks
swear word bullshit
swear word cock
swear word cunt
swear word damn
swear word hell
swear word prick
swear word pussy
swear word shit
swear word twat

We all know the basic curse words and how to swear. We like cute girls who curse and use these basic words in very creative ways. So get your shit together and curse for us and have it listed here on this website!

We’re helping you with a general list of typical curse words. But what we truly love is creativity. We invite you cute ladies out there over the age of 18 to call us and curse so we may post it. Just remember that we want you to be smart, witty, extremely bitchy, creative, and very much enjoying what you say. Give us the best you got.

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