$10 Phone Sex

$10 Phone Sex

$10 Phone Sex is our regular price. We specialize in cheap phone sex for guys who like quickies. Yep, $10 Phone Sex is simple and easy to obtain with our company. This is no sale price and we won’t raise the rates on you. Our $10 Phone Sex is perfect for affordable sex talk with cute girls who curse!

Girls, or in the case of this website “women” who curse are sometimes considered “unladylike. Fuck that shit! Some people consider cursing from females to be even more rude, profane, inappropriate, or offensive than from men. But cursing is a boundary bending social skill. Dirty words and dirty talk is its own art form depending on the variation and creativity used with it. We are not afraid of words!

Masturbation becomes more intense with a sensual voice teasing your ear with erotic stories, sexy conversation, and kinky sex talk. $10 Phone Sex allows you the freedom to express and communicate about your dirtiest fantasy and your deepest darkest secrets. Phone Sex allows you to be and talk about anything you want without any questions or judgments. Add another dimension to your sexuality without it affecting anyone else. It’s private, intimate, discreet, and most of all F-U-N.

We have no rules, terms, limits, or restrictions on topics that can be discussed. Our ladies talk about anything and everything! Your conversations are not monitored, reported, and your account can never be blocked or banned because your fantasy is too ‘extreme”. You have no worries about “Terms of Services” that you have to abide by, and we welcome kinky fantasies. If a girl doesn’t have experience in your fetish, it doesn’t mean that she will not LOVE learning about it and helping you to create the perfect mental picture of it.


This website is for adults only

$10 phone sex


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