Curse Words Profanity Swearing

hot chicks that swear

        Fuck! Shit! Damn! 

Girls, or in the case of this website “women” who curse are sometimes considered “unladylike. Fuck that shit!  Some people consider cursing from females to be even more rude, profane, inappropriate or offensive then from men.

But cursing is a boundary bending social skill. It is its own art form depending on the variation and creativity used with it. Maybe a talent. Self-expression.

Cursing can be abusive, funny, entertaining, or expressed when we are angry, happy, excited. We’ve all heard the joke: adding ‘and shit’ at the end of a sentence can make anything sound thug. Hell, you can use more than one curse word in a sentence, and shit.

There are no prudish bitches here. That’s right! This is a free erotic audio website for adults who just love to hear cute girls cursing. All of the sound audio clips are MP3s and can be heard on your mobile phone or desktop. All of the audio clips are short we try to keep them under 30 seconds in length. Most are under 10 seconds. I keep it simple.

Sure, you have heard or can find tons of Erotic Audio on the internet already, but this site is for lovers of Cute Girls Who Curse.